Thursday, June 30, 2011

Today begins our 12th year online ...

The site was originally registered as on 29 June 2000 and was registered the following March.  Both web addresses will take you to the same!

Originally all entries were hand-coded on the site's home server and, yes, it was a major pain in the butt. It seemed that updating the site with even a single story took forever. Archives that include all stories, month by month, back to July 2003 are available here, in the original format. In January 2010 the original format was abandoned in order to use a template and server space provided by Google's Blogger service, which is what you're reading.  Archives since that changeover are available at a link a bit down on the right column of this page.

The first couple Message Boards were based on third party sites and after a few years we migrated the MB to a custom piece of software hosted on the home server.  That software eventually corrupted for whatever reason and for the sake of cost and convenience we moved back to a third-party provider in August of 2005, where it remains to this day, where there are 86,000+ messages posted in over 8,600 topics by more than 5,200 registered members.

I thank you deeply for your participation and, in a few cases, your financial contributions.  I 'spect that I'll keep at this thing until my five fat funky fingers can no longer deal with a keyboard.  Then I'll just get a bigger keyboard!