Monday, June 27, 2011

Thunder and lightning (apologies to Chi Coltrane) ...

Storms over the weekend kept Tasha, the STLMedia WatchDog in a constant state of frightened alert, either under my office desk or in the downstairs loo, underground, at the very back of the house, away from the noise.

Tasha has been, for the past few weeks, reluctant to go into the Northwest corner of the yard, day or night, just staring at it and occasionally retreating for no reason.  It's been a real puzzle.  Sunday morning, about 7AM, I found the answer.

I found Tasha, ears up and silently staring out the back door at that corner of the yard at ... a fawn munching on the low hanging branches of a pine tree. Ameren had recently cleared out a lot of brush there and created what amounts to a deer superhighway, allowing access over four-foot stockade and wire fences, from one yard to another.  Dang, deer can leap!

Bambi took her lunch at her leisure and moved on to another buffet.

I guess Tasha is still confused as to what these things are and whether or not she needs to herd them or fear them.  But at this point, she wants mostly to stay away and figure it out from a distance.  Puzzle solved.

And now, Chi Coltrane: