Thursday, June 2, 2011

Going away party becomes a Joplin victim benefit ...

KTVI reporter & KTRS personality John Brown writes:

Some of the staff at Fox 2 are getting together for a going away party for John Auble, photojournalist Jeff Gould, and myself. But we have decided to turn it into a fundraiser for our good friend, photojournalist Jonathan Davis.

J.D. is from Joplin and his mom lost everything (and we mean everything). So if you can stop by and make a donation and say goodbye to the rest of us knuckleheads, it would be greatly appreciated.

I know JD has a lot of friends in this market, and this will be a good way to help out a friend.

It will be at Sean Conroy's I-Tap Pub in Soulard on Friday, June 10th. Love to see everyone there.

I think this is a damned fine thing to do. I don't know if it's truly open to everyone, but it wouldn't hurt to stop by, have a beer, clap the three of them on the shoulder to wish them hail and farewell, then drop a ten-spot in the bucket for JD's Mom.