Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Worn out by the weather ...

It's 2:30 in the morning on Wednesday the 25th of May.  I've been wrapping up some research on a couple projects, after spending much of the day watching the Weather Channel's real-time videos of the new front of Spring storms hitting from Oklahoma and rolling Eastward.

Unbelievable shots from storm chasers and chopper pilots of tornadoes tearing the hell out of us. Brave men are taking these pictures.  But, my God, they scare the hell out of me, more than they ever have before. I remember being 21 and feeling immortal, even in the face of enemy gunfire, earthquakes, and hurricanes.

No more. I won't even ride a roller coaster these days!

From the Good Friday storms here, which hit within a mile and a half of The Manse, through the devastation of Joplin and now this next wave coming through here over the next 24 hours, I'm exhausted both emotionally and physically.

Local forecasts all start with the words "Tornado Watch" and tell us there's an 80% chance of severe thunderstorms, hail, high winds, all that.

There's a construction guy supposed to show up here at 8:30AM to get a repair project on our ice-storm destroyed back door (that's how long it's taken to get to me, with all their other work in line) begun; I hope he shows.

Nap time, now, after one more walk about with Tasha.  And I hope I never hear those damned sirens again.

UPDATE:  An hour later, after the walkabout with the pup:  air is soupy, wind is breezy.  Feels like a storm to me.