Sunday, May 8, 2011

Two-foot tall owl terrifies Tasha ...

Mrs. A was just out accompanyin' the STLMedia Watchdog's final turn in the yard when there was a mighty scurryin' and a flurryin' into a nearby pine tree.  A quick shot with the flashlight turned up a gigantic owl, just sitting and considering the situation.  As owls do.

Now, Mrs. A and Tasha might both be too big for owl game, but we have at least four squirrel nests (none of which harbor our partner, Secret Squirrel) within fifty feet of this dude's perch. I'm thinkin' Woodsey is just waiting until sunlight when the squirrels start their daily rounds.

In any case, Tasha turned tail and headed directly for the door, Mrs. A in tow.  Why mess with a raptor?

Smart dog. I may have a later walk with Tasha and it might include the Taurus .22LR pistol.