Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ruh-roh ... DC's looking at Leavenworth?

The Missouri Department of Revenue has entered a judgement against Isaiah Wilhelm (DC, of Steve and DC), for recovery of past taxes in the amount of $73,190.37.

Whoa.  If the state wants this much, how big a judgement do you think the Feds will demand?  This is not good.  The info is from case.net.

Here's a handy hint to all corporate taxpayers:  pay as you go and pay what you owe.

Interesting point: Isaiah's son is also named Isaiah and has been found to be, on several documents, the named CEO of several corporations. You don't really think that Isaiah 1 would allow Isaiah 2 to take the fall for this, do you?  Would he let his son take the Federal rap?

The Isaiah so named in the judgement is Isaiah D. Wilhelm. I've found a huge number of CaseNet files with Isaiah D. as the subject. Don't know which one is which, Father or Son..