Sunday, April 24, 2011

Friday was a dark and stormy night ...

The electric went out at the manse just after 8PM Friday, right after we heard the all-clear siren.  Well, thanks, STL County. Good call.  Just a bit early...

So no TV.  I grabbed the off-air alternative for Channel 19, the CB Radio, and listened to chatter about I-270 and I-70 issues from truckers, learned all about the power lines down at 270 and Dorsett and the weather-related accidents along I-70, from Lindbergh to I-270.

Pulled the CCraneRadio2 off the shelf, loaded it with fresh batteries and listened to KTRS and KMOX.

Quick review:

KTRS ran with their programmed sports personsalities and one newsguy covering the event.  No TV affiliation that I could get.  They used callers occasionally to present personal experiences.  Grade C+.

KMOX had a full staff of news types on board, including friends with the staff of KMOV/TV4.  Good coverage of local and regional damage.  Multiple reporters, including call-ins.  Grade A+.