Sunday, March 13, 2011

Noory uses SKYPE to lead the pack...

As news of the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan hit overnight, Premiere Radio Networks Coast-To-Coast AM host George Noory shifted gears to get insights on the ‘quake’s impact from experts who joined him on the nationwide overnight talk show. Fortuitously, Noory’s engineers had recently fired up an in-studio Skype link to allow the talk host to field calls from his international listeners. Using that link, Noory hooked up directly with a man calling in from Tokyo to share his personal experience during the intense ‘quake and also report on reactions from residents around the city. As the night continued, Noory also spoke with others in Japan and in Hawaii, getting first hand accounts of what was happening on the ground.

Way to work the story, George.  This is how radio used to handle disasters...with real-time contact.  But it only works when there's a real-life guy on the radio end, which is becoming more and more rare.