Monday, February 28, 2011

What the heck was that all about?

Just checking out of the grocery with some laundary detergent and a few frozen pizzas when Mrs. A calls and tells me the sirens are on and the TV is saying ominous words about the weather just ahead.

I got home in time to get the stuff stowed and then settle in, down in the office, to watch KTVI/Fox 2 warn me of 70-mph winds, Tornado Warnings, heavy lightning and all manner of hellish conditions coming down on our heads.

I had paid no attention at all to weather forecasts this Sunday, so, for me, all this was completely unexpected.  I guess if the news cycle stops Friday afternoon, then so does the weather cycle.  Wrong again.

I must say that having a TV station with studios just down the road from where we live is kinda handy, because the weather and news team is naturally going to report from a much closer perspective than if they were located downtown, as are KSDK/NBC5 and KMOV/CBS4.  When KTVI's folks said they were hitting the dirt under the tables, we knew that weather Armageddon was approaching.

All that notwithstanding, how did local TV and radio do covering the Great Storm of the Last Day of February?

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