Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So it's been all this seriously weird for the past few days ...

I've got an XL Bobcat buried in a 10 foot trench alongside my house since the snow began, waiting until the temps moderate for the graders to get back to their work.  Could take forever.

The company set a fence in place down the middle of my yard, to keep a partitioned area off for Tasha but with no top reinforcement, so we decided to walk her on a long leash with a major strength halter.

Last night Tasha broke to the right as Carroll walked her on to the ice and Tasha ran after a squirrel and the door's window shattered.  It's a mess, with the glass in place but holding in the frame and busted into a million pieces. Today I got a quote of $1600 for a new door.  The bad news is that the door and the window are out of manufacture.

It never ends.