Sunday, February 6, 2011

Re: Secret Squirrel Rumor IP security ...

First, let me assure you that any entry at the SS Rumor page is absolutely, positively, 100% confidential, as it always has been.  With rare exception, even I have no access to the IP address of the sender and the source of rumors will never be disclosed, whether I know them or not.  I can, though, switch such access on if the need arises and that is what I did briefly last week.

Off and on, for at least half of the past ten-plus years, I've been subjected to a series of waves of similarly written hate-filled messages. I finally decided to try and track the down the source. I switched the IP addy thingie on once in a while and found that many of them, the vast majority of them, came from the same IP address.

I now believe that I know who the writer is. I intend to contact his ISP about his messages and if they continue I will contact relevant law enforcement authorities.  Yes, they have been that distressing.

My thanks go out to all of you who have trusted STLMedia over the years to present your anonymous tips and rumors here.  But I refuse to be insulted by those who simply want to demean the effort we make here on an almost-daily basis by sending hate with no attribution.

If you don't like what is presented at the MB or the Blog, well, great. I suggest that you find other reading material or start a new resource yourself.  If you don't like occasionally reading about my personal life or hobbies or the Ongoing Adventures of Tasha, the STLMedia Watch Dog, go somewhere else for your literary nutrition.

Warranted criticism is always welcome, but that comes with the additional responsibility of keeping your entry free of personal attack and, presuming you have the stones, signing your name.  I sign my name to everything I post.  I don't ask that of everyone, of course.  I just ask good manners.

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