Sunday, February 20, 2011

A radio PD walks into a bar ...

... sits down next to me and starts to bitch about the way we cover the media here.  Here's my response:

Glad you have a job. For now. You'll be there for, what, a year? Maybe a year and a half? And then on to the next great adventure?  In, maybe, Omaha?

Many of my friends and associates do not have jobs, having been swatted away because of corporate cuts, including those of your company.  Great talents, who deserve adequate compensation, are laid off because you want to pay them $12 an hour and they have the balls to say they deserve more.

Sometimes my info comes from inside the company, at places beyond which you have access. Sometimes we are wrong.  Sometimes we get punked. So it goes.

As a "former radio guy," as you referred to me, I think that the broadcast industry is dead and is having a problem laying over. I'm not being crotchety nor am I a curmudgeon. I'm just being realistic. I saw it coming when I got tossed back in 1992 because I "sounded too old." I'm glad things are easier for you, though. I guess you don't sound much like an adult on the air.

See, the grownups (the guys who got tossed out over the past ten years) who control the media now need the room for the new stuff we've got on the grill. Honestly, we need the AM and FM frequency bands to increase the availablity of The Cloud. So please get out of the way and let us get on with the next big thing.

And FYI: Thanks for your tip, but NOBODY cares about anything that happens at Clear Channel. There are, what, a dozen employees left in your market's five-station CC cluster?