Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gotta love dem anonymous hate mails!

Mike, trust me when I say this: You are so dull, it's no wonder you never had success on the radio. It's sad you feel the need to waste space on this site on personal nonsense that has nothing to do with St. Louis Media. You are such a pathetic attention-seeker!

Yay me! Of course I trust you! I'm dull, so I trust all idiots! And you're such a wuss that you won't sign your name!

But wait:  there's more!

Gotta agree with the anonymous poster who calls this site a waste of time. Since I don't know you, I'll eschew personal attacks, and just focus on the basics: this site has almost nothing to do with St. Louis media, and a lot to do with worthless drivel. Take it down, already.

Huh.  Same IP addy.  Wonder what that means?