Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Golden Voice Hobo ...

... Ted Williams is getting way too much attention.

From Tom Taylor:

“Golden Voice” Ted Williams to star his own TV reality show about “Second chances.”

You can almost see the producers and writers working over his life story, can’t you? The Columbus radio market will be a key part of Season One of “Second Chances at Life”, devoted to Williams’ early life in Brooklyn, then radio, then his current life in L.A., where TMZ says the formerly homeless DJ and voiceover specialist has been “hanging out at expensive restaurants." Season Two will turn outward, with Williams hosting/voicing a series that looks at others who deserve a second shot at making it.

Enough of this idiot.  There are a lot of other equally talented voice "artists" who have more than rightfully earned their place in the radio-stratosphere without having their final few steps paid for them by some TV production company.

Season Two?  Are you kidding me?  Let this turkey VT a half-dozen minor league stations, recording the weather for Omaha and Moline and Peckerwood Lake.  Great voices don't always equal great talent.  He's trash and we need to be rid of him.