Thursday, January 20, 2011

A wild Wednesday (and a terrible Tuesday) ...

Holy cats.  Just when I thought STLMedia had settled into its quietly simmering ways, we get John Carney sliding to Fresh mornings from KMOX nights, Craig Cornett involved in a "tiff" at "the Boat" with a 75-year old guy, Bonneville (partially) bolting radio for half a billion and local TV touting the "Winter Storm of the Decade."

Okay, it's the first month of the first year of the new decade, but, still...IT'S A STORY!!11eleventy+11!! and traffic accident video and at the heart of it, it's all about "digging out of disaster."

And that was just Wednesday.

And Tuesday was not much better for long-time Emmis player (and former JC Corcoran partner) Laurie Mac, who got tossed off the Smulyan bus for budgetary considerations.

Still to come:  Thursday, Friday and a snowy weekend.  Stay tuned.