Friday, January 21, 2011

Roach coach marketing ...

Roach Coaches is what we used to call them, back when I worked in the trades.  They were trucks with or without cooking facilities (and with or without health certificates and/or inspections) that sold chow prepared in home kitchens (sandwiches, soups, canned beverages, candy bars and chips) to those of us hungry on our break periods.

Now they're called Food Wagons, they've got cable TV shows following their adventures and contests glorifying them and their food is declared gourmet.

And now radio stations are taking them to their own streets, using them as promotion. Here's from Tom Taylor:

L.A.’s “Go Country 105” has the Chuck Wagon.

KKGO believes it’s “the first-ever radio station food truck.” They’re going for the good stuff, too – food partner B Sweet Catering got “Best Desserts in L.A.” recognition from, and it’s supplied food to Nike, Disney and ING Direct. What kind of food do you get on a chuck wagon? Not quiches or arugula, that’s for sure. The Go Country vehicle will be purveying Southern, Tex-Mex and southern food, including a “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” barbeque chicken sandwich. The campaign begins Monday morning with a live show on KTLA-TV and a performance by the band Steel Magnolia. (They’ll also have the first “sandwich naming.”) KKGO will take the wagon around L.A. and Orange Counties, and it’s also available for special events.

Hey, it's just an extension of cooking hot dogs on a charcoal grill at a car dealer.  Good luck, kids.