Friday, January 7, 2011

It's not like I didn't say this would happen ...

Tom Taylor says there's some backlash on the Ted Williams story:

The Ted Williams case is bothering some radio pros.

That’s exactly what one TRI reader says – the story about the homeless jock being celebrated for his “God-given voice” is “really bothering me. I’m glad to see a guy who is down on his luck get a break, but…” TRI got several emails like that yesterday. One’s from a voiceover pro who says there are a lot of hard-working people in the field who didn’t have drug problems or criminal records and are just plugging away every day. And then a broadcast journalist says “This was a feel-good story that I didn’t feel so good about covering.” He says “I’m happy for everyone who get a second chance in life, but this is more like a second chance to the tenth power. There are so many unemployed radio people every bit as talented as this guy who couldn’t even hope to get ESPN or an NBA franchise to return their calls.” What you’re hearing from some radio folks isn’t jealousy or resentment, exactly – but a reminder that life’s not fair. Especially in an industry that has tossed talented people out the door for much of the last decade.