Saturday, January 8, 2011

My first radio partner ...

... when I started working in two-man shows in the 1980's, was a local Richmond VA comedian and actor named Garet ChesterGary and I had similar family and geographic backgrounds and we jibed on the air immediately, presenting a great radio show that has been spoken well of on Wikipedia as the CPT Mike & Chester Show.  His Dad was mostly responsible for my conversion to Conservativism.

So Mr. Chester has been a big part of my life, regular contact or not, for the past thirty years.

Garet's life took a turn to Christianity some years back, and he and his wife Terri, whom he married on Groundhog Day 1984, have spent much of their life in service to God. He makes his living doing voice work (he's a wizard at voice impressions) and and selling real estate. 

Garet's website is here and you can find out a little more about him there.