Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lowest possible expectations fulfilled ...

From the Bonneville press release:

Remember those “smiley face” T-shirts from the 1970’s? The ones that said “Have a Nice Day”?

Well, 106.5 The Arch is putting a spin on that old phrase.

The St. Louis radio station announced they will be observing “Thomas Crapper Day” on Thursday, January 27, 2011.

Throughout the day on Thursday, The Arch will be highlighting a “Crappy Song” – listeners will have the opportunity to “Float” or “Flush” the song from being played in its entirety! (Please see the attached news release for additional details about "Thomas Crapper Day".)

For more information about “Thomas Crapper Day” on January 27th, please contact Program Director Kevin Robinson at (314) 983-6229 or via email at Additional information about the station is available by visiting their web site at

Glad to see 2011 radio programmers are in touch with their inner Mister Hankee...nothing but class!