Tuesday, January 18, 2011

JDC says the end is nigh ...

Jerry Del Colliano's predicting the next round of radio layoffs ...

Friday almost 50 news people – some with distinguished careers of more than 30 years – were fired by Clear Channel.

No notice.

No hints.

Just terminated for a regional repeater radio news solution for a seriously bankrupt company.

But if you’re looking for a heads-up – the latest on the radio firing scene – I’ve got some details for you right here in this article:

1. Prospects for firing at Clear Channel, Cumulus and Citadel now that the heat is back on.

2. Are John Hogan’s heroes safe this time around? Who is likely to fall victim.

3. The one place in a radio station that gets owners the most bang for their firing buck – I’ll name it so you can try to understand why they all have the same strategy. It’s predictable.

4. Clear Channel’s End Game: Is Bob Pittman your friend or a fiend? Read this and draw your own conclusions.

5. Want to understand Dickeyology at Cumulus? I think I’ve got Lew, Jr figured out and I’ll share how I know what he’s going to do next. Hint: Lew speaks in code. Decode it here.

6. What personnel is in Dickey’s sights? Some people get the feeling he actually enjoys this part.

7. The Cumulus End Game and what the hostile take over of Citadel has to do with their employees’ chances of remaining employed.

8. The Big Mean Firing Machine at Citadel is no longer CEO Farid “Fagreed” Suleman. Find out who is in charge of doing the dirty work and what I think will happen in the months ahead.

9. Why Citadel sales cutbacks are different from other radio companies and why it may not matter if you’re one of their sellers.

10. Scott Shannon – let’s just put it out there – he’s a programmer who may have lost his way and that doesn’t bode well for talent at Citadel stations. I’ve got a chilling example for you.

This article, based on my experience observing and calling out the major consolidators for poor management, offers my insights on what jobs will be eliminated next and what their CEOs’ end game means to employees and the industry.

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