Monday, January 17, 2011

iPad users prefer ads to subscription fees ...

... and that not really any surprise.  When ya pay $600 for a tablet and then have to have WiFi or 3G on top, it gets expensive.  Not all of us are Coastal Elites...

Read it all at AdAge:

Media companies everywhere gleefully glommed on to Apple's iPad when it launched in April, hoping to see better profit margins for their content that had been languishing online. Luxury publisher Condé Nast spent significant time and money developing hefty app versions of Wired and Vanity Fair early on, and, more recently, News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch poached journalists across Manhattan media to create an iPad-only news app called The Daily that launches this week with blue chip advertisers and a 99-cents-a-day download price.

But a new study shows that iPad owners are in fact less willing to pay for apps and are more willing to accept advertising in turn for free or lower-cost content.

In a survey conducted by online research company Knowledge Networks, 86% of iPad owners said they would be willing to "watch" ads to gain access to free content such as TV shows or magazine and newspaper articles. In practice, iPad users download an average of 24 apps, and of those, only six, or about a quarter of them are paid.