Sunday, January 23, 2011

Best of luck to Mike Batchelor ...

I've known Mike for a long time.  He's a solid computer guy with a long tail in the radio biz.  I've used his 'puter services (and I'm still waiting for a hired project to be finished) and many of my friends have used his engineering skills with great satisfaction.

Years ago, he had his own radio Message Board but its domain got stolen and he got tossed onto the beach.  He and I have been associates on and off since then.  Most recently he's become a Co-administrator of the STLMedia MB and an Associate Editor of the STLMedia blog.

Now Mike's once again on his way to self-sufficiency. 

Mike Batchelor's website, featuring entries from his Facebook and Twitter pages, and his associated Message Board is online in Beta and will go fully live by 1 February.

Sadly, this will also mean that Mike is no longer an administrator or an editor at any of the STLMedia's websites.  You can only serve one master.

Good luck with the new projects, Mike!