Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Steve & DC history ...

In 1991, The Steve and DC Morning Show opened up on STL radio revolving around current news stories, entertainment gossip, games, phone shams, debates on current events, and personal stories from the cast and their families.

Steve's real name is Terrence Trawick and DC's is Isaiah Wilhelm. Isaiah was 16 when he came to STL with Terrence; the two of them had been "partners" for two years prior, Trawick from Alabama and Wilhelm from Pennsylvania.

Wilhelm was 14 at the time he joined up with Trawick. Presumably it was for a radio partnership that involved some training.

Over the next few years, Trawick matched up with a young Russian immigrant as a "friend" named Ilya, whom he moved into his Lake St. Louis home as another "partner" who never appeared on the air.

Meanwhile, Isaiah married and had three children with a former East Side gentlemen's club entertainer named Anna, who is now a co-officer in their current venture, A&I Entertainment and to whom Isaiah defers all his financial responsibilities.

On April 23rd, 2008, Trawick left the show to pursue a career back in Alabama. Rumors as to why he split with Wilhelm persist, including an accusation of financial malfeaseance against his former partner.

As of May 2008, Wilhelm reinvented the syndicated show, renaming it "DC and the Family".

By September 2010, the show had lost many of their affiliates and was under criminal investigation for fraud and theft and the well-being of their three children.