Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One item gets ink, the other does not. Why?

From Tom Taylor:

His tweet about “Dirty Mexicans” gets Dallas “Ticket” host Mike Bacsik suspended, says KXAS-TV – for some undisclosed period of time. Bacsik used to play Major League Baseball and created a radio career for himself at the all-sports “Ticket” KTCK (1310). But he didn’t like the hometown Dallas Mavericks losing a Sunday night NBA game to the San Antonio Spurs, and he tweeted this – “Congrats to all the dirty Mexicans in San Antonio.”

Cumulus manager Dan Bennett says his staffer’s comments were “unacceptable and offensive, and inconsistent with the core values of KTCK” and the company.

That story has had broadcast trades and MSM legs.  The following story has had almost no attention anywhere.  Why do you think that is?
Boston sports talk show host Fred "Toucher" Toettcher says he was just joking around when he compared former Florida Gators star Tim Tebow's NFL draft night party to a 'Nazi rally.' 

The morning after the Denver Broncos selected Tebow with the 25th pick in the first round of the draft, Toettcher made the off-color remarks on the 'Toucher and Rich Show' on 98.5 The Sports Hub.

"It looked like some kind of Nazi rally ... so lily-white is what I'm trying to say. Yeah, Stepford Wives," Toettcher said about Tebow's gathering.

You know why the first story got attention and the second didn't and so do I.

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