Monday, April 19, 2010

Legal threats like this are crap ...

This website, along with the various other elements that have been part of it for the past decade, has come under inappropriate legal attack time and time again.  None of the accusations made were ever seen as true even before they hit the legal fence.  The accusers shut up, dried up and went away.

Only once has this site ever had to hire legal counsel to defend itself: an "air talent" at KTRS made false accusations against me on the air and online and I had to have a court injunction presented to stop it.  And it was stopped.  Cost me a fortune, by the way.  But, oh, yes, it was worth it!

Now I hear from a low-rent bully station owner that he wants to sue me and some of the writers at the associated MB.  The threats are sent to me through mutual friends because he is afraid, scared to death, to call me or contct me personally.  And when asked why such a legal threat is important to him, he says, "I just want to cause him pain.  I have money to pay lawyers and he does not."

The threats come from a guy who is not allowed by State law to own an Illinois liquor license and who is not allowed by Federal Law to own a radio station license.

Mr. Romanik, I'm tired of your crap.  None of us care what radio stations you own or what you plan to do with them. You owe me and everyone else who reads here an apology for your arrogance and your idiocy.

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