Monday, April 26, 2010

It's bad enough already for SatRad ...

But who cares if the show's host is in a studio with stripper poles and can say F*** whenever he wants?

From Tom Taylor:

"Only 3% of current subscribers would discontinue Sirius if Howard Stern left."

That bullet-point from the Jacobs Media Tech Poll might elicit a “hmmmm” over at the McGraw Hill building where Stern plies his trade and has a contract expiring in December. Again, this is an online poll taken from visitors to rock radio station websites, not a poll of Sirius subscribers. But it suggests that most of the people who get Sirius are happy with the package of entertainment they’re getting and might not miss the King of All Media all that much. The Tech Poll’s other finding related to satellite is that listening is “flat for the fourth consecutive year.”