Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Great contest, sad result ...

WMMS, for many years the premier rock station in the Midwest and, maybe, the US, is giving away their entire vinyl library to a single winner.  You can register to win at any of three Cleveland-based Clear Channel stations.  You'll have to enter by April 25th.

Wonder what the station's former PD, John Gorman, thinks of all this?

WIN the WMMS record library, indeed.  These are LP's that played during the greatest era of Album Rock, and include notes from the DJ's who cued them up and spun them.  This is a major treasure that should be in the Smithsonian, not in the hands of some random-caller meth-head from suburban Ohio.

From Tom Taylor: Groundbreaking rocker “Buzzard” WMMS, Cleveland is giving away all its vinyl to a single listener. These are the very same LPs played by Kid Leo and the rest of the Clevelanders who made history (and got the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame situated in Cleveland and monkeyed with a Rolling Stone contest). WMMS says they’ve got “handwritten notes from the DJs on them.” (Who knew that would be a desirable thing, some day? You can’t say the same thing about a hard drive.) It’s a simple enter-to-win contest at the websites of Clear Channel’s WMMS, oldies “Majic” WMJI and talker WTAM (1100). Deadline to enter to win the vinyl library (you’d better have a big van) is Sunday, April 25.

FWIW, I sold off my vinyl collection (mostly label demos I got for free back in the 1960's-1980's) just at the peak of the vinyl collection craze in the 1980's and bought a house.  I have no idea of what a vinyl record is worth these days.  Don't care. Sold 'em.