Sunday, April 11, 2010

Google Voice goes un-Telco ...

Last year I became a Beta-tester for Google Voice, a free service that provides you with a phone number that rings all your embedded phone lines, wireless or wired, when called.  It also records messages, provides a text printout of them and keeps accurate call records.  Very cool.  You can get a number in just about any Area Code.

If you call (314) 292-9338 all of my phones ring.  You'll be asked to state your name and then I can choose to take your call or pass it along to voicemail.  Please don't call me to test it, okay? Trust me, it works.  It logs where calls come from, so it's easy to find out who's abusing the system and annoying me.

FWIW, I have three invitations to try the Beta left...first three emails at get one.

UPDATE:  Google Voice invites are gone, passed along.

Now it appears that Google's taking it one step further: the company bought Gizmo5 late last year and looks to be challenging Skype with a new system that will allow phone calls to be made directly to the desktop.  When you call, if I'm online, I can answer your call at the computer.  Hasn't launched yet, but will probably do so soon.

Me likey.  Say g'bye, Telco.