Thursday, April 22, 2010

Big weekends coming up for PlanetRadio.US ...

Randy Raley's internet rock venture continues to grow and present new stuff:

Sunday Sunday! is back: 
-- 9am cdt...FlashbacK with Bill Quinn, we'll look at the songs popular on this day in 1975.
-- 10am cdt. Acoustic Sunday Morning with..well, an hour of acoustic music for your coffee and paper
-- 11am Sunday Morning LIVE!

Coming next week, phase two of Sunday Sunday!
-- At 6pm cdt, you get a chance to program the station for an hour. whatever you'd like to hear in the classic rock vein will be played with a hearty thank you. send me your requests via facebook message or through Paul, you are first.
-- At 7pm, it's the "classic album spotlight" those great albums that we don't hear anymore in their entirety. "The 12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus" by Spirit will kick off the program
-- At 8pm, it's "Randy's Top Ten." I'll get back on the airwaves, er, the ethernet, give you my top ten Zeppelin songs and why. Next week, it'll be my top ten favorite guitarists.

Now if we could just teach Raley capitalization and punctuation...
Here's PlanetRadio.US.