Thursday, March 11, 2010

Former WIL DJ Ron Lundy recovering ...

From Tom Taylor:

Ron Lundy needs some good thoughts and positive energy sent his way. Approaching 76, the former WABC and WCBS-FM, New York personality had already lost a lung to cancer surgery, and now he’s in the hospital again after a series of ministrokes two weeks ago (says the Daily News). They’re in the process of taking him off a ventilator (the tube was removed on Tuesday), and that’s a good sign. Lundy met Dan Ingram in St. Louis in the mid-1960s and they both came to top 40 WABC (770). Lundy jocked there from 1965 until WABC went talk on May 10, 1982. He eventually transferred to oldies WCBS-FM (101.1) and worked there from 1984 until his retirement to Mississippi in 1997.

UPDATE:  Lundy passed away on the 15th.