Saturday, March 13, 2010

Don't believe what you've heard about ...

... how well Conan O'Brien is taking care of his staff, some of whom have worked for him since the very beginning.  Here's the inside skinny from a Conan confidant:

Don't believe anything you're reading about how Conan is "using his own money" or how his staff is "all being taken care of." Bullshit. People uprooted their families, wives quit jobs, kids were pulled out of school and Conan forks over three weeks severance! AND, as a condition, a demand they sign a confidentiality agreement restricting them from ever speaking, writing about or being interviewed about The Tonight Show, Conan, and even Late Night with Conan O'Brien!! So many of these people started with him in their early twenties and have never even had another job. They are really out there in no-man's land now.....and Conan has all the money in the world.

BTW, you won't read this anywhere else.