Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Best April Fool radio stunt ever ... done twice!

The first time we did this was on April 1, 1988.  We were on KIX104, playing country music with a great signal into St. Charles County, and it occurred to me that most transport that listened to us moved along I-70, across the Blanchette Bridge into STL County and so on to their final local destination.

I suggested early in the morning that we mention that there was a new toll for crossing the Blanchette Bridge, from West to East, but that truckers could avoid the toll by exiting South on Highway 94 and then crossing the Missouri River on Highway40/I-64.

We began talking about the toll and the detour and within an hour we were visited by Missouri State Police Officers who were clearly not amused.  We had jammed up the South-bound lanes of Highway 94 and made the Missouri River crossing of Highway 40 a real mess.  Traffic into STL was badly slowed because of our stunt.  Oops.

The stunt worked/not-guilty until we tried it again a couple years later ....

April 1st, 1990.

And we, at KIX104, did it all over again, in 1990.

Placed an imaginary East-bound-toll booth on 94 just before the Daniel Boone Bridge.  Made the East-bound traffic turn North at Highway 94.

Yes, cops responded.

Won't do it again.