Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To quote Hellboy, "Aww, crap!"

     Daughter Anna's at a local ER with The Local Grandson, who's experiencing monumental and thus far undiagnosed abdominal pain; Mrs. A is at Anna's home with The Local Grandaughter and I'm at our home with Tasha, the STLMedia WatchDog and instructions to call Mrs. A at 6AM to get Wednesday underway.

     It's never something simple like, we go to bed, we sleep and then we wake up and the Sun is shining.  Looks like a long night followed by a long tomorrow.  Tuna casserole rather than the slow-cooked pork roast I'd planned for dinner. Expect many posts here.  Yes, I'm annoyed on General Principles.  But also concerned, as a GrandPa should be.

     Even if the Grandkids won't call me GrandPa or GrandPop or Paw-Paw or something; they call me Uncle Mike or just Mike because I don't look like a GrandFather.  And, at 61, I guess that's a good thing.

     UPDATE at 3AM: The Local Grandson is having an appendectomy.  His Father is nowhere to be found. No surprise.  Anna will stay by his side throughout.  Mrs. A will stay with The Local Grandaughter, and I'll call her at 6AM to start the day.

     Then Wednesday I'll go hunting The Local Grandson's Father to beat the snot out of him for ignoring his son's surgery when his boy needs him.