Saturday, April 10, 2010

You, me and Mr. "East Side" Romanik ...

Because I've been told by several people that Mr. Romanik intends to bring legal action against me and the Message Board and this site for what he considers libelous remarks, I think that I should outline what the relationship has been between Mr. Romanik and myself. I want everything out in the open.

I offered Mr. Romanik free webspace and net bandwidth to do an interview, in both audio and video, to talk about his purchase of the 1430AM frequency from Bonneville just as it happened.

The time and date were established and I would do the interview using a Flip videocam at the station's studio. Just before the interview, I got a message that said Mr. Romanik had to go out of town and would be unavailable for the interview. I never heard from Mr. Romanik again. I know that he has my home phone number and my email address.

Since then, threads have popped up on this Message Board regarding his purchase and operation of various stations in the Metro East. Most have been positive in their assessment of the purchases and many have praised his formatting of the stations.

Nonetheless, I've heard from radio folks he and I both know that he considers any criticism of his radio stations out of bounds, salacious, libelous, and so on. Good news or bad news, no matter what we said, it offended him.

Too damned bad.

Now he wants to sue me and make the Message Board and this website go away.

Like it would remove any evidence of his previous criminal activity.  Mr. Romanik is a twice-convicted felon, who has served hard time, and who is not allowed by law to own a radio station or a club with a license to serve alcohol. Not my words, but from various news media.

Mr. Romanik has generated a pile of money from his management of a Washington Park IL strip club. Good for him! That's the money that his radio stations are built upon and which are owned by a corporation licensed to someone other than him. Check the FCC licence to see the names of the owners.

I wish Mr. Romanik luck in the development of his (licensed to someone else) radio group.

I also wish he'd understand that the critique of his stations is meant to make them better.

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